Welcome to the online home of VFX Artist Jon Balcome. Through refined artistry and technical know-how, I strive to create stunning visuals worthy of the grandest stage possible. My work has been viewed by 10s of millions of viewers through events as large as the Super Bowl to the Olympics. My contribution to great projects such as Marvel's Daredevil title sequence (directed by Patrick Claire) has even gotten me invited to the Emmy's for a nomination.

Creating amazing visuals is my passion, but 3D is my platform. I primary focus on the texturing, lighting and complete look development of assets. I like to take things from start to finish and "own" as much as I can of a piece. I strive to put my stamp on everything I work on.

My education started out as a design and advertising student in undergrad. But over the years I realized I could never stop pursuing knowledge and I continued my education. While working in web development as a designer for 5 years I also managed to stack up two other degrees. One, an Associates in Advanced Animation, the other, a Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Effects.



I got your experience right here!

I have spent the last 7 years in the wonderful world of visual effects for advertising and television. With the help of combining my previous knowledge of brand development and design to embark on a quest to make the most amazing imagery possible. The world of 3D offers a wonderful platform with endless possibilties for an artist as passionate as myself. Feel free to browse my resume and gallery of some of my work below: