Welcome to the on-line home of CG Supervisor and 3D Artist, Jon Balcome. Creating amazing visuals is my passion, but 3D is my platform. Through refined artistry and technical know-how, I strive to create stunning visuals worthy of the grandest stage possible. My work has been viewed by 10s of millions of viewers through events as large as the Super Bowl to shows as revered as Marvel’s Loki. There is no show or film too big or ad too complex!

As a CG supervisor my goal is to always convey my artistic goals through the management of the artists I oversee in the most effective, cost efficient and positive way possible. Throughout my career as an artist myself, I primarily have focused on the modeling, texturing, grooming, lighting and look development of assets and characters. So, when leading a team, these aspects are always given the most care.

In my 13 years of experience in high end VFX I have extensive experience in all levels turn-around. From a year long film with monthly temp deliveries to a commercial with a two week schedule from beginning to end. When approaching a new task, whether it being a film, episode or commercial, I always look for the most scalable and straight forward way to achieve the highest quality possible. It doesn’t matter how technical a task is if its not beautiful and it doesn’t matter how beautiful it is if it can’t be efficiently recreated from shot to shot at scale.



I got your experience right here!

It has been quite a journey in the 13 years in the wonderful world of visual effects for advertising, television, and film. The first 6 were spent in high-end advertising as a CG Generalist. Then in 2017 I moved over to Film and Television more exclusively. Since 2019, though still doing hands on shot and asset work, I began CG Supervising film and episodics for Crafty Apes in Atlanta. During that time, I took 4 artists with various skill sets and built up a thriving CG team of 40 plus. The experience of being able to grow and delegate out tasks and management in an effective way has given me the confidence and foresight to take on any task I may be presented with.